PresidentJudge Alvin T. Wong

Welcome to the Council of State Court Judges of Georgia. Established in 1998, the Council supports the judges of these unique trial courts of limited jurisdiction in 71 counties. Over three-fourths of Georgia’s citizens have access to our courts. State Courts are the highest level of county- supported trial court in the State’s judicial branch of government. As such, they are actively involved in the policy making rules and practices to improve the quality of justice delivered to the citizens of their communities and to the State of Georgia

The Mission of the Council of State Court Judges is to advance and support the State Court and the quality and expertise of its judges; maintain the impartiality of the judiciary; ensure the fair, efficient, uniform administration of justice; and enhance public confidence in the judicial system.

It is the Vision of the Council to promote impartial courts; judicial excellence and accessible and efficient justice.

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